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Bhatkanti: Rayareshwar

Type : Hill forts
Fort Range : Bhor
District : Pune
Grade : Medium

Tableland of Pachgani is very famous but higher and longer tableland is the plateau of Rayari. It is 8 km away from Bhor. From Pune it can be visited within one day. Deep valleys, very high pinnacles, huge plateau, long trunks, difficult turnings and dense trees make this area little difficult.

It is said that Shivaji Maharaj took an oath of ‘Swarajya’ on this fort. However no historical proofs are available to confirm this statement.

Fascinating Spots:
The huge plateau over the mountain is about 5-6 km. It looks beautiful in monsoon. There is a temple of Shambhu Mahadeo on Rayreshwar. This temple is situated rather deep in the interior, hence not seen in first glance. Recently a village has been situated on this plateau. We find many rice fields on this plateau. We can see Pandavgad, Vairatgad, Pachgani, Mahabaleshwar, Kolheshwar, Rajgad, Lingana, Rajgad, Torna, Sinhagad, Vichitragad, Purandar, Rudramal, Chandragad and Mangalgad from this fort.

Ways To Reach:
All the ways to Rayareshwar go from Bhor.

From Pune via Bhor:
Go to Ambavde from Pune via Bhor. From here, one can go to Rayreshwar by Titeghar and Korle route. Time required to reach is 3 hours and the way is difficult.

From Kenjalgad:
We can reach at Rayareshwar from Kenjalgad via Sundara or Shwandara.

Via Bhor- Rayari:
Board a bus at 11 am or 6 pm from Bhor for Rayari village. This way is also known as Sambardyachi Vat. This way takes us at Rayareshwar within 2 hours.

Accommodation Facility:
10-12 people can be accommodated in the temple or in the village.

Food Facility:
One should arrange for the foodstuffs.

Drinking Water Facility:
Drinking water is available in all seasons.

Time To Reach:
2½ to 3 hours are required by any route

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  1. Terrific pictures... and information.... thanks a ton

  2. Thanks Friends for a such valuable information and also such great picture. It is very useful for those who can go their but have wish of all these forts, lot of thanks.


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